Hoeness: "A hugely exciting role"

The new head coach has arrived: Sebastian Hoeness fielded questions from journalists at a press conference held on Monday. The fact that the media event was live-streamed on the club's homepage meant that the TSG fans were also able to get a first impression of the new Hoffenheim coach. Hoeness spoke together with director of football Alexander Rosen about his first contact with the team, squad planning and his excitement about the start of training.

Sebastian Hoeness on…

…his decision to join TSG Hoffenheim: "Many things are a good fit. I've often said in the past that I don't necessary want to get into the Bundesliga as quickly as possible and that it must be the right fit. That applies in this case. The talks were very intense and positive. It is a hugely exciting role. I wanted to seize this opportunity. The club's identity fits in with my philosophy. I have a positive feeling."

…the initial contact with the team: "We welcomed the team yesterday. I introduced myself briefly. I'd already contacted one or two of the players by telephone beforehand. Now we're looking forward to getting out onto the pitch together for the first time on Wednesday. I'm hugely looking forward to the job here. I've had a very good impression from the first few days. That's all that currently counts and is important for me."

…the coming season: "It'll be a challenging campaign. We're heading into a season unlike any other there has been. We've been planning for this with the coaching staff. There's respect for the job that lies ahead, but that is outweighed by excitement. I'm excited to get to know the team on the pitch."

…his time as a TSG player in the 2006/2007 season: "There were always positive memories of my time in Hoffenheim. I forged many friendships. I like to look back on that time and that makes it even nicer."

Alexander Rosen on…

…the appointment of Sebastian Hoeness as head coach: ""When you work in the football business, you realise if someone is performing exceptionally. There wasn't one decisive factor in favour of Sebastian Hoeness. The overall picture felt very fitting and right. His idea of how he wants to play football aligns with ours. In addition, it has to be right on a personal level too."

…squad planning: "The big overhaul to the squad took place prior to last season. There are no areas requiring major work. If we started as we are now, nobody would have a bad feeling. But it is a continuous process. Perhaps there is a market situation that is completely unexpected. The transfer window is open until the start of October. Lots can still happen. Both in times of arrivals and departures."

…youth development: "If you look back over the past five or six years, we were the Bundesliga club that incorporated the most young talents from the academy into the senior squad. Sebastian Hoeness has a similar outlook to us on this front. The next generation is in the starting blocks, but we'll ease them in."


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