Hübner: "That was a disgrace"

Here's what the players and coaches had to say after the 2-2 draw at Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Benjamin Hübner: "I'm incredibly annoyed. My arm clearly only moves towards Ayhan's body. You can see that in all the images, on television too. Very clearly. Then he uses his arm to move mine upwards and that leads to my hand striking his face. Not hard, not anything. My hand was only going towards his body to keep us apart. I believe that what Ayhan then turns it into is absolutely shameless. Something like that takes the fun out of football for me. If I'd hit him, which I've never done, then I'd say: 'That was stupid, that was a mistake.' I would admit it. But what he turns it into is a total disgrace. I then had to watch the game on my mobile phone from the changing rooms, because I wasn't allowed into the interior. I then saw a hugely combative performance from the team. I'm immensely proud of what the team still managed to achieve after this injustice."

Steven Zuber: "There was a lot of fight and desire on show. You could see that both teams wanted it. There was a battle for every ball. I don't know whether it was really necessary to give the red card, but that's what we have people for  to make those decisions. We were hanging on a little bit towards the end, but in reality it was only crosses; there were no big chances for us to worry about."

Alfred Schreuder: "I can live with 2-2. We performed very well in the second half. We knew that it would be an intense match. Düsseldorf keep their shape very well. The red card obviously changed the match. We were down a man for almost the entire game. They dealt very well with that. We switched to a 4-4-1 in the second period; that worked well. We'll take the point and we're very proud of the attitude and the mentality that the lads showed."

Uwe Rösler (Fortuna Düsseldorf coach): "We started very well and implemented the match plan well. It went well from the off. Hoffenheim are a good footballing side and we didn't give them space to breathe. There were times after the red card when we made the wrong decision. That happens in football. I think we were unlucky regarding the disallowed goal; it was a legitimate goal, in my eyes. We didn't make the start to the second half that we wanted to. For us, the draw is not quite enough."

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