TSG with further show of solidarity

In view of the ongoing spread of the new coronavirus and the impact it is having on all levels of society, the executive management of Bundesliga outfit TSG Hoffenheim has reached an agreement over a joint salary waiver with the first-team playing squad, the coaching staff and the directors. The club had previously established a relief fund in order to provide support where required to partners whose existence is directly related to match operations in the Bundesliga, and to important organisations, institutions and sports clubs in the Rhine-Neckar region.

The club has recently emphasised on multiple occasions that, beyond the establishment of a relief fund, internal discussions were taking place about further measures that would set an example and ensure it fulfils its responsibilities in this demanding, extraordinary and challenging situation. "Thanks to our sporting successes and long-term planning over the past few years, we have created a financial buffer that enables TSG Hoffenheim to avoid having to act under pressure, especially in such times of crisis," explained Frank Briel, who is responsible, among other things, for the club's finances. "Nonetheless, we did not want to limit ourselves to this position. It is important for us to show that we are all in this unprecedented and exceptional situation together. That means being there for each other. It cannot and must not be an 'as you were' or 'business as usual'," added Briel.

"Precisely because of the strength of our organisation, it is important for us to demonstrate solidarity and responsibility," said fellow managing director Dr. Peter Görlich. That is why TSG Hoffenheim has decided on a salary waiver. "In recent years, we have enjoyed a number of privileges due to our sporting successes throughout the whole club. Now the time has come to give something back", said first-team captain Benjamin Hübner.

"We are in a strong position, which we have put ourselves in over the course of recent years thanks to inspiration, identification, creativity and diligence. This is why we are now in a position to help not only ourselves but others too," patron Dietmar Hopp said of the TSG relief fund, which will now absorb some of the salary waiver and receive a significant boost as a result. The pot is already well-stocked with the contributions of TSG majority shareholder Dietmar Hopp, other sponsors, the TSG players  as well as donations from partners and fans  and has already become a platform for all those who want to show solidarity. "We're currently in the process of setting up an association by the name of "TSG hilft" (TSG helps). We want to do this to ensure that the funds are paid out effectively and in accordance with the official regulations," explained Frank Briel.

TSG Hoffenheim will provide detailed information and contact details for the corona relief fund "TSG hilft" on the homepage in the next few days.

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