Open letter from TSG regarding the relief fund

The managing directors of TSG Hoffenheim, Frank Briel and Dr. Peter Görlich, have penned an open letter containing information about the TSG relief fund.

Dear fans, sponsors and partners,

these are extraordinary and challenging times we are living in. None of us have probably ever had to go through a situation like this one. Solidarity is required, as are consideration, reason, togetherness, understanding and respect. Values which at times have disappeared, and at the very least taken a back seat, in recent years.

In that sense, this crisis is also an opportunity for all of us to reflect on what is important. The past few days have proven that we are not the only ones to see things this way.

The feedback to our relief fund has been overwhelming. Within hours, many fans, members and friends of the club spontaneously signalled their willingness to support the fund and provide financial assistance. Even those who are themselves facing an uncertain future immediately offered to make a donation or to forego possible season ticket compensation payments. Our sponsors and business partners were quick to pledge generous assistance too.

We are currently working tirelessly to create the conditions required to guarantee effective help. You can certainly imagine that in these demanding weeks and months, several procedures are more complicated than they would usually be  especially when it comes to administrative tasks.

The responses, the wave of encouragement and the many requests for support that we have already seen obviously mean we have an obligation to prepare and implement, in a careful manner, the help we have announced.

Here it important to determine needs, set criteria and mechanisms, and to assess situations. And to do so in the midst of a situation that is changing on an almost daily basis.

For TSG Hoffenheim, it was and still is important to provide a showing of support and solidarity to demonstrate to you that there is a place that recognises needs in this time of crisis. We are there for our region and are full of optimism that we will overcome these difficult times together. In addition to the values mentioned above, it is also necessary to take action in a considered and a structured way that culminates in clear decisions. 

The TSG Corona Relief Fund is a joint initiative between you and us to support the region and those who need our help. We're looking forward to having your questions, suggestions and requests sent to the e-mail address:

Many thanks and stay healthy.

Your managing directors of TSG Hoffenheim
Frank Briel and Dr. Peter Görlich

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