TSG offers alternatives after Whatsapp shutdown

Whether it's goals on match day, injury updates, ticket information or transfer news - we always keep our fans up to date on what's happening at TSG via our WhatsApp account. Due to legal reasons, our classic mailing service is no longer possible, but you don't have to do without our news.

For many years now we have sent news via WhatsApp directly to your mobile phones. This will no longer be possible. This is due to a change in WhatsApp's terms and conditions. This means that our WhatsApp newsletter will be discontinued.

The ban on sending such newsletters via WhatsApp does not just apply to TSG Hoffenheim; many news websites or company portals will also no longer be able to send their news via WhatsApp as of December 7. All users who are registered there will no longer receive news from us after the transition.

In addition, one-to-one communication via this channel in the form of suggestions, pictures or questions, which we previously valued so much, will unfortunately no longer be available due to technical reasons. We very much regret this as we have always enjoyed communicating with you in this simple and direct way.

Instead of using WhatsApp, we will send our latest news to you on all other TSG online channels - free of charge. So you can continue to browse the TSG homepage, Facebook, Instagram etc. You will get messages sent to your smartphone when you have downloaded the TSG app for Apple or Google operating systems. Or, if you haven't already done so, you can switch on automatic notifications for our Twitter feed. Click on the blue bell below our header picture on Twitter and you'll get notifications about tweets and live videos sent directly to your mobile phone.


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