Fresh thinking for a clean game

On Matchday 10 of the Bundesliga, PreZero and TSG Hoffenheim sent a clear signal regarding sustainability. The home game between TSG Hoffenheim and SC Paderborn was all about the environment and recycling. Every fan was given a "Climate Ticket" upgrade by PreZero, which means trees will be planted in Uganda. Furthermore, during the first half of the game the company gave up its valuable advertising presence and instead decided to only show waste on all TV-relevant advertising space, in order to draw attention to the sustainable handling of recyclables during waste disposal.

„Neues Denken für ein #SauberesSpiel“ – "Fresh thinking for a #CleanGame" – this was the motto was for TSG Hoffenheim’s Bundesliga home game against SC Paderborn on November 1st. Before the game, TSG and PreZero appealed to the fans in a video post on their social media channels to support the fundraiser. PreZero donated an upgrade to the new "climate ticket" for every "Like" and during the half time break rounded the number up. As a result, TSG Hoffenheim’s home game was the first ever Bundesliga match with 100% climate tickets!

"A fantastic campaign from our sustainability partner. We are particularly pleased that because of the climate ticket, a tree is going to be planted for every visitor to the stadium. In this way, everyone - PreZero, TSG and the fans – have all actively contributed towards environmental protection and made another important contribution in line with our "TSG is Movement" strategy," said Dr. Peter Görlich, Managing Director of TSG Hoffenheim. By purchasing a "climate ticket “, the cooperation project between the non-profit climate protection organization "myclimate Deutschland" and "Small farmers in Uganda replant forests" is being supported.

The matchday mascots also came onto the pitch with self-designed posters on the topics of the environment and recycling in order to draw fans attention to it in the stadium. "Sustainability is in our DNA and we as PreZero view ourselves as innovation drivers in the industry. The subject just needs more attention. Together with TSG Hoffenheim, the aim was to send a clear signal about sustainability and encourage fans to take part. And we definitely succeeded in doing that, „explained Thomas Kyriakis, Board member Schwarz Zentrale Dienste KG.

Waiving valuable advertising space 

Social responsibility is playing an increasingly important role in the Bundesliga. Not just sporting success on the pitch counts, but also the role model function of everyone involved. The high media attention and the emotionality of football help transfer enthusiasm for the sport to the topic of sustainability. That's exactly what PreZero wanted to do with this campaign.

Therefore, PreZero also decided to give up its traditional advertising presence. During the first half, all TV-relevant advertising space was given a waste motive to catch the attention of the crowd - just for a clean game.

"I am very pleased to see that sponsors like PreZero are using their expensive sponsorship rights, for example, TV-relevant LED boards, for such an important topic and making their classical logo space available for this,” said Nenad Miljkovic, Managing Director of Rapid Peaks, the responsible sponsoring agency of PreZero.

Together towards a sustainable future

As the official sustainability partner to TSG Hoffenheim, PreZero fulfils its social responsibility and also wants to lead the fans into a sustainable future. Over the years, the company has implemented many innovative solutions for the sustainable use of recyclables. The main focus has always been to return each waste product into the recycling cycle. In this way, for example, up to 1.7 tons of grass paper are produced from the approximate 2 tons of green waste that is generated from cutting the pitch in the stadium every month. From this waste, we produce sustainable TSG Hoffenheim autograph cards.

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