TSG Hoffenheim launches ''Climate Ticket''

TSG Hoffenheim fans now have the opportunity to actively support the fight against climate change each time they buy a ticket to watch their favourite team. The Bundesliga club have introduced a special ''Climate Ticket'' in their online shop. In cooperation with the environmental non-profit organisation "myclimate Deutschland", fans are now able to support the project "Small farmers in Uganda for reforestation" by donating towards the planting of tree seedlings when purchasing a ticket.

At the end of the purchasing process, online users are now given the option to buy a seedling for €1 which will then be planted as part of the project in Uganda. "Customers may also buy several seedlings at once by making a larger donation," explains Stefan Wagner, who is responsible for ''Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)" and "Corporate Development" at the club. At the beginning of the season, it was announced that, as part of the sustainable strategy for the future "TSG is movement", the club would be offsetting the carbon emissions generated from the full range of its activities. This includes offsetting the emissions generated through the journeys made by away teams and match officials.

The donation initiative encourages small farmers to both reforest as well as manage existing forests in such a way that they can serve as a foundation for long-term sustainable land use and the absorption of CO₂. Approximately 200 seedlings are enough to reforest an area the size of a football pitch. Donations don't just contribute to the fight against climate change; local people are aided too. To date, this project has already created additional income opportunities for over 1,700 smallholders. What is more, approximately 370,000 trees have been planted, covering an area of roughly 1773 hectares - equivalent to more than 2,500 football pitches.

Climate tickets can be purchased here.


For more information on the project in Uganda, please click here.

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