Görlich: "We want to offer attractive football"

In the editorial of the latest edition of SPIELFELD, managing director Dr. Peter Görlich writes an open letter to the fans of TSG Hoffenheim in which he addresses the changes to the senior squad and the club's unique environmental involvement.

Dear fans and friends of TSG, 

The beginning of our 12th Bundesliga season has been shaped by change. Our head coach is now Alfred Schreuder, eight players have arrived and a great many have left. Despite all these changes, the squad is coming together, the philosophy is being internalised and the right things are starting to happen automatically on the pitch.

For us, it is a conscious and planned process. Accordingly, it is important that we all accompany this process in a positive manner and be/remain patient. Because that's exactly what sets TSG apart. We develop our players, teams and values with courage, foresight and imagination. As a club, that ensures our strong position and our future in the billion-euro Bundesliga business. One of the tenets of our philosophy is not to complain. We might've already been hit by bad luck on the injury front in the early stages of the season and had to replace some important players, but we'll find solutions for it. Notwithstanding the above, our attitude has always remained the same: we want to offer our supporters and all visitors to our stadium attractive football; we want to continue to refine our footballing ideas and to take the next steps on our journey together.

Off the pitch too, we've taken an important step forward. Since the beginning of the season, TSG Hoffenheim has been conducting all its activities climate-neutrally. For years, many steps have been taken that have ensured our status as a leading light in the Bundesliga when it comes to protecting the environment and conserving resources. From now on, we shall make up for all our climate-damaging CO2 emissions by supporting a reforestation project in Uganda, as well as compensating the journeys visiting teams and match officials make to us.

As a club, we're delighted to be taking a clear position and to be progressing with our future strategy "TSG is movement". And you, as friends of TSG, can get involved too. Because every supporter and stadium visitor will soon be able to take part in our climate protection programme by purchasing a "climate ticket" to our home games. Buyers pay a moderately higher price and in return a tree is planted as part of our "Kikonda Forest" cooperation project.

One thing remains unchanged: we are a football club and sport will remain the focus of our actions; the success of our teams in the Bundesligas shall be our be-all and end-all. Yet at the same time we want and must rise to the major societal challenges we face. We feel this sense of social responsibility and it is a responsibility that we take seriously. And so we would like to encourage you to help us out and support TSG – both on and off the pitch.

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