New ticketing operations and terms & conditions

Demand for tickets has increased significantly for TSG home games in the past few years. As a result, an increasing number of people are trying to make extra profit at the expense of fans. That is shown by hundreds of offers on eBay/eBay small ads and on other unauthorised ticketing platforms (e.g. Viagogo). For example, there were over 300 auctions for our UEFA Champions League home game against Manchester City in September 2018, where tickets traded at considerably higher prices. Unfortunately, we also have to acknowledge that some members seek to make money from abusing their ticketing privileges, much to the detriment of fans who cannot afford the prices paid on the black market. TSG remains firmly against this ticket dealing, regularly taking legal action and, in an emergency, seeking court injunctions against such practises.

Illegal ticket trading not only leads to fewer tickets at affordable prices, it also means that many TSG fans do not have the chance to see their side in action in the top games. Furthermore, there is no way of controlling who the tickets were sold to. This is a safety risk that should not to be underestimated.

In February 2019, TSG obtained an interim injunction against the ticket reseller “Viagogo” at the district court in Heidelberg. The club continues to fight against this platform with all legal means. Furthermore, subsequent legal proceedings against black market ticket trading and various court decisions over the last few years also provide reasons to consider even more effective methods. For example, in the future, invalidating tickets more frequently.

Therefore, TSG Hoffenheim, in consultation with “Schuetz” legal practise in Karlsruhe, has devised a plan which is as convenient as possible for the fan, but which also provides an opportunity to take tougher action against the black market. In the future, every single ticket will have an additional space for a name. In that way, we aim to stress even more clearly that the rules for a stadium visit and when those visiting rights have been transferred apply to all ticket holders. The name field should be filled in by the authorised ticket holder before entering the PreZero Arena. However, authorised access to the stadium is conditional on the ticket holder either buying the ticket directly from TSG or it being correctly transferred – in accordance with the new terms & conditions (see the overprint on the back of the ticket). On the other hand, tickets with a profit mark-up, acquired via a ticket exchange or an internet auction house, can be invalidated without compensation!

Generally, season ticket holders and those purchasing individual tickets all have the opportunity to transfer their right of entry on the TSG ticketing exchange at fair prices. By exercising this offer, there is no need to use any unauthorised platforms, social media or internet forums, which, from experience, are also used by professional dealers to buy tickets. Bearing in mind numerous fraudulent cases in previous years with forged or invalid tickets, we therefore urgently ask our fans not to buy tickets from unauthorised sites.

Please find below answers to several questions regarding the new ticketing operations:

Can I pass on my purchased ticket when I am unable to attend a game at short notice?

You can still pass on tickets privately without extra profit in accordance with the regulations in the new terms and conditions. The sole purpose of these new procedures is to prevent tickets being traded on the internet and on the street at totally exorbitant prices. At the same time, this will make it easier to track and prosecute black market dealers. Fundamentally, you can offer season tickets and individual tickets via the TSG ticket exchange. All information can be found here.

When must my name be shown on an individual ticket?

By the time you wish to enter the stadium, at the very latest.

What do I do when a name is already filled in the name field?

If the ticket has been transferred correctly, the original name can be crossed out where there is space for a name and the name of the authorised person can be written in the free space. Please be especially careful not to write over the bar code. This option does not apply to chip cards and when using our mobile ticketing service.

Do I have to be able to show ID when entering the stadium?

Yes, we will carry out spot checks when you enter. This does not affect a fundamental change on entry.

Am I immediately and indefinitely registered and will my personal details be stored?

During advance bookings to members, for example in the ordering process, as in the past, tickets are allocated to a specific member (or customers). Further information can be found here.

What do these regulations mean for away fans in Sinsheim?

These regulations apply to all fans attending TSG home games in the PreZero Arena, including away fans. At the time of entry, a valid name must be entered on the ticket.

Where can I read the full TSG 1899 Hoffenheim ticketing terms & conditions?

The terms and conditions are to be found at every ticketing agency. When you book online, you will receive the terms and conditions via email (and earlier during your booking via a link). The full terms and conditions can be found here.

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