Health & nutrition: Here's what TSG does

A good diet is an important requirement for staying healthy and, in the sporting world, it is a vital factor in ensuring maximum performance. At TSG Hoffenheim, nutrition plays a pivotal role at all levels. As a result, the club is participating in the 'Health & Nutrition' awareness day, which the German Football League (DFL) has scheduled for Bundesliga Matchday 28, when TSG Hoffenheim travel away to FC Augsburg. But the issue of maintaining a balanced diet is always important – not just for footballers, but for people everywhere.

For the elite-level athletes in the Bundesliga squad and the youngsters at the TSG Youth Performance Centre, sports-appropriate nutrition is a key topic. We've already outlined why this is the case and how catering is organised at professional and junior levels on Friday (5 April). But TSG Hoffenheim does a lot more when it comes to nutrition and makes an impact on lots of different people.

  • The importance of nutrition plays a role at the Hoffi-Club for members up to the age of 13 and for the TSG juniors between the age of 14 and 18. The younger ones are educated about health matters in an entertaining manner, while the older groups are given regular courses about how to cook healthily.
  • In the football working groups that are organised by TSG in many schools throughout the region, nutrition is a core topic. The club provides the teachers with comprehensive material so that the pupils can delve deeper into the topic.
  • In the camps and training courses at the TSG Soccer School, the food on offer is naturally prepared in a health-conscious way and there are even games on the topic of nutrition.
  • In the TSG Hoffenheim FFiT group, the participants of this regular training for overweight fans are provided with valuable information to help them transition to a healthier lifestyle and they take part in training sessions and matches together.
  • Additionally, there are many events at the TSG AOK Campus which deal with the topic of health and nutrition. Handy tips are always on offer. Because we want nutrition to be fun.

Here's what to eat on a training day

TSG Hoffenheim has some tips that can be used by everyone who plays sport at a demanding level and wants to maintain a healthy diet. We suggest that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Three main meals a day: breakfast (within 1-2 hours after getting up), lunch (should be finished at least 3 hours before the training session), dinner (1-2 hours after the training session).
  • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water each day and largely steer clear of juices and fizzy drinks.
  • Eat fruit every day.
  • Avoid sugar and sugary foods/drinks.
  • Replace pasta and rice with wholegrain variants.

Here's what to eat in the evening and before the match:

  • Proteins (e.g. fish, lean meat, quark, eggs, cheese)
  • Carbohydrates (e.g. pasta, potatoes)
  • Vegetables and salad
  • Drinks (water and weak fruit juices)
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