TSG at number 6 in ''Ringer'' list of top teams in Europe

The American website ''The Ringer'' has published a list in which teams from the English, Italian, Spanish, French and German leagues are evaluated according to the entertainment value offered up by their style of play. TSG Hoffenheim find themselves in esteemed company at the very top of the list.

TSG Hoffenheim have certainly treated their fans in the last few years. With their signature brand of attacking football, Julian Nagelsmann's side first managed to avoid relegation, then a year later they qualified for Europe for the first time with a fourth place finish. Last season, they managed to go one better by coming third in the Bundesliga and securing a first ever Champions League appearance. But it seems that it isn't just TSG fans who have been impressed by the Hoffenheim style of play - now there's statistical evidence which confirms Hoffenheim's high entertainment value. 

The sports website ''The Ringer'' has published a list of teams from the top five European leagues (Spain, England, Germany, Italy and France) in which each side is ranked according to their ''watchability'' for spectators, with the following factors taken into account: number of dribbles, number of passes completed, number of opposition passes allowed and number of dangerous chances created. TSG come in 6th place in the table, meaning they are ahead of teams like Chelsea, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund. Bayern Munich are the only team in the Bundesliga judged to be more entertaining.

Hoffenheim ahead of Chelsea, Liverpool and Dortmund

TSG were awarded a score of 4.45 points, not far behind the 4.99 points given to Real Madrid. The league leaders are Hoffenheim's Champions League opponents Manchester City (9.5 points), followed by Paris Saint-Germain (8.97 points) and Barcelona (7.4 points). Bayern Munich are the highest ranking German side, coming in fourth place with a total of 6.3 points.

TSG outshine international giants such as Chelsea (seventh place, 4.41 points), Olympique Lyon (13th place, 3.19 points), Liverpool (14th place, 3.13 points), AS Roma (16th place, 2.99 points) and Borussia Dortmund (21st place, 2.08 points). What TSG fans have known for a long time has now been confirmed: in Sinsheim, spectacle is guaranteed! Hoffenheim are officially one of the most attractive clubs in Europe.

Click here to view the list in its entirety and read more about the rankings system.

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