Geiger: "My body reacted really well"

Dennis Geiger suffered a muscle bundle tear as well as a tendon fissure in his right thigh in March, resulting in a nine-month break from football. The midfielder is now on the verge of returning to the Bundesliga squad. In interview with, the 20-year-old talks about his fitness and his targets up until the end of the year.

Dennis, you have already made your competitive comeback playing for the U23s and have played in the Regionalliga twice. How far have you come since sustaining such a serious injury?

 "I'm feeling good after such a long time. The most important thing for me is to be fully recovered. I'm getting my fitness back with game time in the U23s and by training with the senior squad. I'm on the right path."

You have already played twice for the U23s. How did it feel to be back out on the pitch? And how did your body react to the demands of the game?

"Compared to a training session, a match is, of course, a completely different strain, especially when you've been out such a long time. My body reacted really well. I didn't feel any pain or experience any other problems. That's positive for the upcoming weeks, and I hope it continues like this."

"I must be 100 percent ready"

What are your targets up until the end of the year? Julian Nagelsmann said at the press conference prior to the match against Schalke that you will soon be ready to play Bundesliga football again.

"My target is to get back into the first-team squad before the first half of the season is over. We'll have to see whether I'll actually be able to play. But it's certainly a target around which I can orient myself. My body must play along and I must be 100 percent ready. But I hope that I'll reach that stage within the next few weeks. And if not, then I'll make a real effort during training across winter so that I can commit myself fully to the second half of the season."

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