Hoffe in motion on your social media channels

TSG Hoffenheim have had a profile on the platform for some time now. Ahead of the new season, the offering has been expanded and updated – and it's worth taking a look.

Nico Schulz, who might soon be making his international debut, clenches his fists as his surname "SCHULZ" flashes in the foreground. Four of the new summer arrivals Vincenzo Grifo, Joelinton, Leo Bittencourt and Joshua Brenet are all there too – each with their own gestures and expressions. There are matchday moments, segments of press conferences and, of course, our mascot Hoffi. Thanks to GIFs, TSG Hoffenheim bring the game to life and make it accessible on your social networks. And ahead of the new season, the moving images that you can use for your own social media channels have been updated.

"Hoffe" are present on the platform Giphy with a verified account. The world's leading GIF search engine is a reference point for fans from all over the globe to download moving images and animations of their favourite club or to share them directly on their social media channels. TSG are among the first clubs in the Bundesliga to be represented there with their own profile and to share exclusive content directly with the online community in this way. The offering is continuously expanded  with content produced by TSG's own social media department or TSG.TV  and is not available on any other channel!

Take a look and download for yourself

Here's how it works: on the TSG profile, fans can select GIFs of different players, gestures and various moments that can subsequently be downloaded or directly embedded into your own social media posts using a so-called "embed code". So for whomever wants to get started straightaway: click here to visit the official Giphy profile of TSG Hoffenheim!

Giphy is not the only social network where you'll see TSG: "Hoffe" can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and on Snapchat under @achtzehn99snaps!

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