Training analysis 2.0: TSG test Videowall

TSG Hoffenheim have become the first Bundesliga club to integrate a Videowall into the daily training-ground routine. With this Videowall, the coaching staff will be able to correct situations in real time, while giving the players solutions while they are still out on the training pitch, without anyone having to leave their position. The equipment will be used for an initial testing period.

"We are testing the Videowall for a week, letting it run day and night and in all kinds of weather to see how it reacts to wind and certain conditions," said Rafael Hoffner, IT and sport innovation coordinator at TSG. The test is being conducted in cooperation with an Israeli firm that has developed the system together with TSG. During the test period, TSG would like to find out if all the players will be able to easily view the video from wherever they are on the pitch.

The 6x3 metre Videowall is placed level with the halfway line next to the training pitch. The system works with four cameras, of which two are placed on the video tower, also level with the halfway line. In addition, there will also be two cameras installed behind the goals. The coaching team will have the opportunity to pause the video and show the team what could have been done better. Furthermore, the coaches will be able to select the camera position that best allows them to explain their point, for example from the goalkeeper's perspective.

"Should the test phase prove successful, we will be able to keep the players in their positions while we show them the solutions to various passages of play," explained head coach Julian Nagelsmann. "For that I have an iPad in my hand, from which I can control the cameras. When I stop a situation, I have the opportunity to map out my solutions and suggestions for improvement on the iPad."


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