Deal agreed - TSG and DFB to work together

TSG Hoffenheim and the German Football Association (DFB) will work together on a scientific project called 'executive functions'. The general secretary of the DFB, Dr. Friedrich Curtius, the project leader of 'DFB academy', Oliver Bierhoff and TSG's managing director, Dr. Peter Görlich, signed the agreement on Tuesday in Frankfurt and it will last until March 2019.

The project will be about scientific studies into football specific diagnostics and on training 'executive functions'. The research will be carried out at TSG's facilities in Zuzenhausen. It is here where the 'Footbonaut' and the 'Helix' will be used. The driving force behind this project will be Dr. Jan Mayer. The sport scientist who has a diploma in psychology has worked as TSG's team psychologist since 2010. He has also worked on many football related science projects.

The term 'executive functions' includes elements such as: the conscious mind, decision making, weighing up, processing information, object tracking and the working memory. Improved executive functions should help players' minds become quicker. TSG already use the Footbonaut and Helix with the aim of improving the cognitive elements of playing football. Now, in cooperation with the DFB, the results will be scientifically supported and will help the development of the next generation of players for the club and the DFB.

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