TSG 30th in list of world's most valuable football clubs

TSG Hoffenheim have been ranked among the top 50 football clubs in the world based on brand market value, following a study carried out by the renowned independent branded business valuation consultancy Brand Finance. A total market value of $194million (€174million) saw TSG ranked 30th overall. Six Bundesliga teams ranked higher than TSG, despite Julian Nagelsmann’s team having their most successful season to date.

Brand Finance published the findings of their yearly study on Tuesday. Manchester United remain the most marketable club with a value of $1.73Billion and increased their worth by 43%. Real Madrid follow in second ($1.49bn), with Barcelona ($1.418bn) third and Chelsea FC fourth ($1.248bn). The highest ranked German club is Bayern Munich ($1.222bn). “This is a very high accolade for our club, to be included in circles like this. Our rise as a new entrant to 30th place of the best clubs in the world is evidence for the solid, goal-orientated work that everyone here at TSG undertakes,” explained TSG’s Director of Finance and Organisation Frank Briel.

Borussia Dortmund ranked 11th in the list ($511m), with Schalke 04 ($338m) and Bayer 04 Leverkusen ($332m) in 14th and 15th place. VFL Wolfsburg are 21st ($265m) and Borussia Mönchengladbach are one place ahead of TSG in 29th ($208m). Hoffenheim ranked ahead of some notable clubs such as Roma, Napoli, Monaco and Olympic Marseille and were the second best newcomer to the list after behind English club Bournemouth - who ranked 26th with a worth of $220m.

Brand Finance looks into the market values of companies in several industries and is regarded as being very established in the advertising industry. The latest study does not show the overall worth of the football club. Last week KPMG released the results of an investigation which revealed Manchester United to be the best of 32 clubs surveyed, and the first to have a total net worth of over €3bn euros.
Here are the results of the Brand Finance study into the Market value of the 50 most valuable football clubs for 2017. (Results displayed in US-Dollars).


Club Country Market value 2017 2016
Manchester United England   1733 1170
Real Madrid Spain   1419 1148
FC Barcelona Spain   1418  993
FC Chelsea England   1248  776
Bayern München Germany   1222  867
Manchester City England   1021  905
Paris Saint-Germain France   1011  792
FC Arsenal England   941  858
FC Liverpool England   908  748
Tottenham Hotspur England   696  441
Borussia Dortmund Germany   519  371
Juventus Turin Italy   492  287
FC Everton England   360  279
Schalke 04 Germany   338  282
Bayer 04 Leverkusen Germany   332  290
Atletico Madrid Spain   324  266
West Ham United England   303  274
AC Mailand Italy   286  207
FC Southampton England   281  223
Leicester City England   257  237
VfL Wolfsburg Germany   256  280
Newcastle United England   247  129
Stoke City England   227  212
Swansea City England   226  175
West Bromwich Albion England   222  184
Bournemouth FC England   220  
Olympique Lyon France   218  138
Inter Mailand Italy   217  151
Bor. Mönchengladbach Germany  208  173
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Germany  194  
AS Rom Italy  180  131
SSC Neapel Italy  177  118
Crystal Palace England  175  176
VfB Stuttgart Germany  171  95
AS Monaco France  170  124
Olympique Marseille France  164  129
Hamburger SV Germany  163  152
1. FC Köln Germany  162  
Hertha BSC Germany  159  123
Werder Bremen Germany  155  110
Zenit St. Petersburg Russia  154  
Athletic Bilbao Spain  154  123
Villarreal CF Spain  152  110
FC Burnley England  148  
RB Leipzig Germany  145  
FC Watford England  144  91
Ajax Amsterdam Niederlande  144  116
FC Valencia Spain  144  93
Eintracht Frankfurt Germany  140  
FC Sevilla Spain  140 115
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