Oliver Baumann: "We are feeling good"

The Bundesliga finally returns on Saturday. Oliver Baumann spoke to about excitement for the second half of the season, training over the winter break and what the team want to achieve in the first competitive match of the year against FC Augsburg.

Oliver, how excited are you for the return of the Bundesliga?

Oliver Baumann: We are really looking forward to the second half of the season. We have been working hard over the last two weeks and hope we can pick up exactly where we left off. We want to start turning draws into wins. We are working hard to achieve that.

Do you feel ready for the second half of the season?

Baumann: We are all feeling good. We have been discussing tactics and working hard on implementing these in our gameplan. I think our training camp here in Germany was successful.

Why was it good to stay in Germany over the winter break?

Baumann: We could get used to the cold weather here instead of going somewhere warm. We have good facilities here and could spend the whole day in our training centre that we’re used to. We didn’t have to travel anywhere which would have cost us time. It was a good decision to stay here.

What did the goalkeepers work on?

Baumann: We’ve been working hard since the beginning of the year, however we focused more intensively on certain aspects. I’m feeling good and I’m ready to play.

Do you still talk to Jonathan Schmid and has he told you about how things are going in Augsburg?

Baumann: I don’t know how things are going in Augsburg. I still talk to Jonathan and he’s settled in really well both at the club and in the city. He is good at dealing with change and settling into a new situation.

What do you want to achieve in Augsburg this weekend?

Baumann: We want to win the game. We will do that if we managed to implement what we have been working on in training. We have been working on the fine touches and we are definitely capable of winning the game in Augsburg.

You’re still unbeaten this season, but what do you want to improve in the coming games?

Baumann: We have to be more stable, we can’t allow our opponents to have so many chances in front of goal. When we’re in the lead, we have to manage the time better and be more stable towards the end of the game, this starts from the strikers. That’s the next step.


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