Facts ahead of the Bremen game

TSG don’t have the best record against Werder Bremen. What is in TSG’s favour now? An unbelievable unbeaten run and a weak Werder Bremen defence. has summed up all of the important facts that you need to know ahead of our last Bundesliga fixture of the year.

Did you know that…

…TSG have only ever beat Werder Bremen once?

TSG don’t have a good record against Werder Bremen. The two sides have faced each other 17 times. Werder Bremen have won ten of these meetings, 6 have ended in a draw and TSG have won against Bremen once. Our only victory against Werder Bremen came in August 2010. Ba, Mlapa, Ibisevic and Salihovic scored in our 4-1 win.

…the teams are evenly matched when it comes to conversion of chances?

TSG are in tenth place having converted 43.6% of their chances this season, whilst Werder Bremen are in ninth place with 44%. However, Hoffenheim have created 39 big chances so far this season in comparison with Bremen’s 25.

…Bremen are much better going forward than they are at the back?

Werder Bremen have scored at least one goal in their last 14 Bundesliga games, however their defensive record isn’t so good. Werder Bremen have already conceded 33 goals this season, 66 in 2016. Who were the last team to concede more goals than this in one season? Werder Bremen in 2014 when they conceded 68 goals over the course of the year.

…there is a clear difference between the two teams when it comes to headers?

TSG have won 51% of aerial challenges this season, whilst Bremen have won 48%. In comparison, TSG have scored five headed goals so far this season, whilst Bremen have only scored one.

…TSG are better at keeping possession than Bremen?

81.4% of TSG’s 7348 passes this season have been completed successfully. In comparison, Bremen have played far less passes this season and only 73.8% of these 583 have been completed successfully.

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