Leverkusen match reaction

Here is the match reaction after the 2-1 defeat to Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Hoffenheim have launched an appeal against the match result.

Markus Gisdol: We probably played our best game of the season today. We conceded but continued to play well. Then we scored a goal that wasn't given, before we applied even more pressure in the second half. Then, to top it all off, we concede this supposed second goal. I am hoping that in the name of fair play, the decision to replay the game is made. If we can perform like this again then I am sure we can reward ourselves more. At the moment, we have nothing to show for our efforts. There is a precedent to this, Thomas Helmer. If this game isn't replayed, then there's no sense left in the footballing world.

Sami Hyypiä: I have mixed feelings. We didn't want to win a game this way. Hoffenheim were great today and played with intensity and tempo. We lacked that. I first saw the ball when it was in the back of the net. There was a hole in the net though. I can't change the situation at the moment. What has happened is terrible for Hoffenheim. I don't know what happens now. I hope we can reach a decision swiftly.

Koen Casteels: As a goalkeeper, you try to stretch out as far as possible and then you look at your hands. If you don't have the ball, you don't immediately turn towards the ball. I saw the ball behind the goal. At first you think, I've made a positional error or something like that. You never think of there being a hole in the net. However odd the situation, you can never expect it. The substitutes came on and found the hole and showed me. I imagine the game will be replayed.

Andreas Beck:It's a bizarre situation, it's never happened before. You don't even think that it can happen. Obviously you can almost doubt your own eyes. I went to talk to the referee after the incident but he stuck by his decision. I assume that the match will be replayed.

Alexander Rosen:It's unbelievable, almost ludicrous what's happened here today. I can only think of one other incident like it and that's the phantom goal from Helmer back in the 90s. I was unsure myself at first. The initial reaction from the Leverkusen players was that it wasn't a goal, then the celebrations came. I was astonished. You couldn't tell from the dugout but you could see that Eugen Polanski had realised what had happened and protested straightaway.

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