Sebastian Rudy: "We must find the balance"

Sebastian Rudy has played for Hoffenheim for the last three years, and the 23-year-old midfielder has already made 100 Bundesliga appearances. Ahead of the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach at 15:30 CET on Sunday, September 15th, he spoke to about the game in Stuttgart, the international break, Gladbach's strengths, his own goals and the likelihood of a 0-0 draw.

Hello Basti. Surely you pictured your 100th Bundesliga game differently? What makes you confident that things will go another way against Gladbach?

Sebastian Rudy: Yeah, I definitely had imagined it going differently. The game against Stuttgart showed us where we need to improve. We've worked on that intensively over the last few days, and we want to demonstrate what we've learned against Gladbach. The international break hardly troubled us in that respect. In smaller groups, the focus is slightly more individual and intensive.

You weren't involved in the international break. It must have been odd for you to stay at the club as you are normally always away with the U21 team?

Rudy: That is true. I had to adapt a little but it has no bearing on my game. Two weeks aren't that long.

As a team, what are you looking to implement against Gladbach? Hoffenheim's home record against them currently stands at a healthy 3 wins and 2 draws so far.

Rudy: It's our goal to pick up the three points on Sunday. We've played two good games at home so far, but also had to be content with a draw. It would be great for the fans if we could collect our first home win this season by beating Gladbach.

Gladbach's new signing Max Kruse has had a strong start to the season. Are there any other players you have to give special attention to?

Rudy: I wouldn't single any players out. They are collectively a really good football team that have proved their ability over the last two years by playing good, successful football. We will continue our work about Gladbach until the end of the week so we can be best prepared.

On Sunday, the two best attacking sides in the league will meet each other. Are you expecting a 0-0 draw or an attacking game?

Rudy: For all of our strengths in attack, we shouldn't forget that we have conceded 12 goals. We must find the balance. That is the aim for the game against Gladbach, but also for the season as a whole. We must be more stable at the back whilst not losing our composure in front of goal. But I don't think it will be a 0-0 (laughs).

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