TSG training camp, fourth and final day – Stay on target

The sky in Westerburg was full of dark clouds and the rain was lashing down on the fourth and final day of TSG's training camp. Wednesday's first training session was held at the hotel's own football pitch at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Assistant manager Otmar Rösch led the warm-up with the players split into two groups, running alongside each other whilst throwing and catching a ball with their partner. Then assistant managers Frank Kaspari and Frank Fröhling took over training and began work with the ball at the players' feet. The session went on for almost two hours.

An hour of fitness training followed before manager Markus Gisdol and his coaching staff prepared another creative test following the previous day's rafting: A biathlon consisting of cycling and running, with target practice in between and the added punishment of an extra lap for a shot off target. An 8km route around Lake Wiesen was the journey both on bike and on foot. “You want to win no matter what the competition is,” said Andi Beck. The captain put everything into it and ended up with the quickest overall time. “We can't let the young lads get the better of us,” said Beck with a wink.

Small steps in development

Manager Markus Gisdol was positive after the training camp: “The goal in the four days was to get a better feel for each individual player. We've made small steps in our development here and gathered some insight that is important in shaping the team. The conditions in Westerburg were good and we as a coaching team have a better idea about the players.”

Captain Andi Beck was also positive about the training camp: “It was a good mixture of all different aspects, both fitness-wise and the footballing side itself. There was a good atmosphere regardless of the intensity and everyone was a part of that. That has to be the norm for us to be successful!"

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