Chris: “I'm trying to keep my head up”

Around three weeks ago, Chris suffered a syndesmosis tear in his left ankle during training. The defender talks to about his recovery, the treatment for his injury and the anxiety of watching matches from the stands.

Hi Chris, how is your foot?

Everything is fine so far .The first two weeks are the hardest. I can't put any strain on my foot whatsoever. That means no contact with the floor. That's why my rehabilitation has only been passive so far with electrotherapy and other methods. I've only been able to actively do stabilisation training and strength exercises for my upper body.

The first diagnosis predicted that you would be out for between six and eight weeks. How is it looking now, three weeks later?

It should be around six to eight weeks but I'm not thinking about that. I'm taking things day by day, week by week. At the moment I still need a cast and crutches – it's annoying but I'm trying to keep my head up and stay positive.

Are you with the team every day despite the injury?

Of course. I'm at the training centre every day for treatment so I'm in the dressing room as well. We talk about the matches a lot and individual situations. I try to get the team to think positively and keep their heads up, just like I do myself. If you give up, you've already lost. I try to help the team out when we talk. You never stop; the fit players have to work every day, just like the injured ones.

The team is heading to Fürth on Saturday and it's an important game. Are you travelling with the team and is it difficult not being able to get involved?

It is hard for me to sit on the sidelines and watch the lads. A lot of things look easy from there but I know how tricky it is to execute those things on the pitch. That's why when I'm on the pitch, I'm fully concentrated. I don't need the same focus in the stands but I'm really nervous, at least twice as much as when I'm on the pitch. After Fürth, I won't be travelling with the squad because I'm receiving treatment on Saturday and Sunday so I can be back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

What are you expecting from the team against Fürth?

That the lads take to the field with a positive attitude and that their body language says: we want to set an example.

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