David Abraham: "I am shattered after every game"

David Abraham has put on the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim jersey for the last three weeks. During this short time, the central defender has established his role in the team with strong performances. He spoke to about integrating himself in the Kraichgau area, his speed and his past at Basel and Getafe.

David, you've been at the club for three weeks. How have you settled into the team and in the region?

Very well. I am happy because the team have welcomed me nicely and I like the surrounding area as well but it is very cold at the moment! I'm looking forward to spring.

At Basel you were a fan favourite because of both your performances and your character. How would you describe yourself?

I am a fully committed professional, both on and off the pitch. Part of that is being open and friendly to others.

Experts praise your tackling strength as well as your speed. Was that always there or is that something you've worked hard on over time?

My speed is in my genes. My father was also a quick sprinter. I don't really train on it more than any other player does.

Where do you see your strengths?

I leave it to others to judge my strengths. I try to concentrate fully on my tasks and to follow the instructions of the manager, both in training and in the game. I think that's the best way I can help the team.

You've now played two games in the Bundesliga. What do you make of the level?

The league is very strong. Above all, the game is quick and physical. There are a lot of one-on-one battles and athletically, it's demanding. I'm shattered after every game.

As a result of your time in Basel, you understand German well. How is the speaking part coming along?

Understanding is not a problem most of the time. I'm working on improving my speaking ability in lessons but it will take a while before I can understand German without any issue.

You only spent six months in Getafe. How come things didn't go to plan?

I knew of the Bundesliga during my time in Switzerland and it was obvious to me that the quality was higher in Germany than in Spain. In turn, that meant the decision to join Hoffenheim was an easy one to make. I wasn't happy with the organisation of the club and that's why things didn't work out at Getafe.

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