Interview with Sven Schipplock

His goal on Saturday came as a huge relief. It was his first in an 1899 shirt and the only goal scored by a Hoffenheim substitute in the season so far. In fact, he might have been celebrating another, had his clear ‘goal' actually been given by the officials. But after the dust settled on TSG's first win since December, and their first under new manager Markus Babbel, match winner Sven Schipplock took time out to exchange a few words with

Schippo, congratulations again on your first goal. Apparently your scoring streak continued the next day in training.

That's right. I don't like to blow my own trumpet, but I did score a lot, surprisingly enough (laughing).

The use of technology in football is a subject that is under constant debate at present. What is your opinion?

In principal, it's a good idea, and not just because of my header. There are situations where it's a lot more than just three points which are at stake. There are a lot of circumstances to be considered, like the financial implications. I think it's very important that contentious decisions are properly reviewed and the correct conclusion reached. Short interruptions to review decisions are fine, but they shouldn't be used to slow the game down. A chip in the ball, for example, would be a good solution.

What went through your mind when the assistant didn't signal a goal on Saturday?

From where I was, it was a goal. Diego Benaglio made the save and cleared, but the ball was already over the line. The reactions of the other players made me suspicious. There were no complaints, but watching it on TV later, it was clear that it was a goal. As it turned out, it didn't matter, and nobody is talking about it now. If the game had finished 1-1 though, then the questions would have gone on for a long time after the game.

A few minutes later, the ball was in the net and this time it did count. What did that mean to you to score your first senior goal for the club?

It was a relief for me. I worked hard to get a game, so that makes the feeling all the more sweeter that I was able to come off the bench and score the winner, and pay back the trust that Markus Babbel put in me. Now I have to carry on that momentum and continue to put myself in contention for a place in the team.

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