Quotes from the press conference

With the most important personnel matters sorted out at 1899 Hoffenheim, Ralf Rangnick, Ernst Tanner, Dietmar Hopp and Peter Hofmann gave their views on the latest managerial decisions at Thursday's press conference.

Dietmar Hopp on Ralf Rangnick's contract extension

Not only Peter Hofmann and I were relieved that we will be able to continue our success story with Ralf Rangnick. It was only after some intensive discussions that I realised why Ralf took so long over his decision. All the speculation was false - it wasn't about transfers or power, but unity and harmony - the main ingredients for success. I liked Ralf's suggestion that we try to build the team around young, German players and try to turn 1899 Hoffenheim into a strong Bundesliga brand.

Ralf Rangnick on his contract extension

I said over the last few weeks and again after the match against Stuttgart that it was very important for me to reassess things and to ask myself what has gone well and where we have strayed from the path. I did that from Sunday to Tuesday and then met Dietmar Hopp as planned. At the end of the discussions, we realised that we have a very similar view on things looking back and also for the future.

Dietmar Hopp on the appointment of Ernst Tanner as sporting director

I suggested Ernst Tanner in one meeting and Ralf Rangnick reacted very positively indeed. I'm very pleased that we have managed to secure an extraordinarily talented man for the role as Ernst Tanner. I'm convinced that he is ideally suited to take on the position of sporting director and to continue this club's philosophy.

Ernst Tanner on his appointment as sporting director

Today is a very special day for me. Not only does my appointment as sporting director fulfil one of my personal dreams, it's also a reward for all the work I've put in. I want to thank Mr Hopp for his trust in me. I'm looking forward to working together with Ralf, Mr Hopp and all the others.

Peter Hofmann on Ralf Rangnick's contract extension and the appointment of Ernst Tanner as sporting director

It was a lovely father's day present for me to hear that Ralf Rangnick will be staying with us to continue the project we started in 2006 until 2012. It's also nice to hear that Ernst Tanner, who I've known personally since 2004 and consider a great appointment, is taking over as sporting director. I'm convinced that together we can find our way back onto the success trail.

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