Question time with Marvin Compper

4:1 success in opening day Bundesliga game against Werder Bremen. The 1899 Hoffenheim players were popular interview questions on Sunday morning after an impressive victory, and Martin Compper was the first to answer the journalist's questions. was there for you.

Marvin, a great start to the Bundesliga season. You really came back well following an early setback in the game.

Yes, we managed to up the tempo and keep at it in the second half. We were all quite tired at half time, and we hope to be able to maintain a high tempo for longer in the next game.

What was the difference between the teams yesterday?

We put a massive amount of effort into the game. We were prepared to run and were aggressive in the tackle. The way we went about the game was correct, and we hope to recover sufficiently to keep at it for 90 minutes next time.

Ralf Rangnick switched you to left back for the game. How was it for you in this unfamiliar position?

I've played in that position before, so it's not completely new for me. But after two years of playing in the middle I need a bit of time to adapt properly. For me it's not important where I play, as long as the team is playing well and winning.

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