"Naturally, it's a huge disappointment"

Andreas Beck found out yesterday that he was the unfortunate player who was to be dropped from Germany's World Cup squad before the team and trainer Joachim Löw travel to South Africa. On Tuesday, the DFB announced that the Hoffenheim defender did not make the final squad of 23 players. decided to have a talk with the player about the decision.

Question: Andi, how did you find out about the decision?

Andreas Beck: Joachim Löw, the national trainer, called me into a meeting before the official statement was released to discuss the reasons for his decision. Ultimately, there are so many defensive options in this squad that the numbers and the decision went against me.

Q: How big is the disappointment of not being selected?

AB: Naturally, it's a huge disappointment. It wasn't easy for me, but I know that I invested everything I could into presenting myself in a positive light. That's why I have no complaints. The 3 weeks were enjoyable but very intense. I was very motivated having already made it into the squad of 27 and did everything I could to make the 23. Unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Q: So what is next for you?

AB: I'm going to have a holiday to recover and find a new source of courage to return as a rejuvenated player next season. The disappointment won't weigh me down, as I'm still excited about the job I have to do at Hoffenheim. This season didn't run smoothly but I hope to play my part so that next season will be better. Regarding good performances for 1899, it feels like a fresh start as I try to re-establish myself in the German national team. I wish the players in South Africa all the luck in the world and I'm happy that they're able to play in such an elite tournament.

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