Interview: Andreas Beck

It's been arguably the most difficult phase 1899 Hoffenheim has had to go through since their incredible rise from the Regionalliga into the Bundesliga. "But the club will come out of this situation stronger," said Andreas Beck in an exclusive interview with

Andreas, you've already begun preparations for the difficult away game at Borussia Dortmund. What impression did you get from the week's first training session?

A very positive one. We tried out various different exercises with plenty of shooting and tackling to build our confidence. Everyone got involved and gave their all. It gives me confidence that we'll be able to end this run of bad form soon.

Hoffenheim have lost their last five matches. How are you planning on turning things around in the last four games against the likes of Dortmund, Stuttgart and Hamburg, all of whom harbour European ambitions?

It's all about working hard in training. There was plenty of energy in the session today and to me that's a clear sign that we all want to do something about the current situation. We've made a lot of progress over the last few years and we don't want to see all that go to pot. We players know what we have to do. It's undoubtedly a difficult phase, but I'm convinced that the club will emerge stronger from it.

There has been a lot of criticism levelled at the team of late. How you do deal with it personally?

I try to take every bit of criticism on board and ask myself whether it is justified or not. You can't take everything too seriously, or indeed ignore it all. You have to ask yourself where you can improve and how you can help the team. We don't like being criticised, but it's up to us to improve things.

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