No comment: Ozan Kabak

Ozan Kabak immediately established himself as a leading player following his transfer to TSG in the summer and is an important pillar in the team – both offensively and defensively. The 22-year-old has already experienced a lot in his career: a league title with Galatasaray in Istanbul, a bitter relegation with VfB Stuttgart and Champions League matches in a Liverpool shirt. But there's plenty to find out about him off the football pitch too – such as his favourite subject at school and the meaning of his name. The Türkiye international has opened up to SPIELFELD – without uttering a single word in the process.


Ozan, what does your surname mean?


…and what does your first name mean?


What else is special about your surname?


What subject were you best at in school, aside from sport?


You played in Liverpool and Norwich. How did the food in England taste to you?


What did you think when you went into the changing rooms at Liverpool for the first time?


How does a typical Turkish football fan look at the stadium?


Which body part do you most like to score goals with?


What's your biggest strength on the pitch?


Which shirt number did you wear as a child?

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