Podium Discussion in the Fan House

The TSG Hoffenheim Fan Representatives have organised a podium discussion in the Fan House at the PreZero Arena on 13 December (18:00 CET) on the following topic: "Can sport change something? Qatar, the World Cup and human rights."

The event will be presented by the journalist and author Alina Schwermer. She will hold discussions with guests about the World Cup, Qatar, human rights in the country, the changes implemented since the World Cup and the responsibility that Germany and football have. To what extent has the DFB succeeded in drawing attention to abuses on the ground? Which criteria should be fulfilled when awarding hosting rights for major events in the future?

The guests on the podium are Nina Reip (Head of the Office of the Sports & Politics Network for Fairness, Respect and Human Dignity at German Youth Sports), Dr. Sebastian Sons (Academic and Expert on the Arab Gulf States), Thomas Schmitz (Member of the TSG Hoffenheim Fan Council), Roland Vogel (Amnesty International Wiesloch) and Aidah (NGO Migrant Defenders).

Those interested can sign up free of charge by writing to by 7 December. Those who would like to participate in the event digitally can also send a mail to the Fan Representatives and will receive an access link.

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