Stanley Nsoki: "We can achieve great things"

The new SPIELFELD magazine will be published on Friday 28 October. In the November edition, Stanley Nsoki gives an in-depth interview in which he discusses his professional debut in PSG's team of global superstars, his career path to Hoffenheim via Nice and Bruges, and his soft spot for "typical German characteristics".

Stanley Nsoki moved from Bruges to TSG Hoffenheim in the summer. The defender won the title in Belgium under coach Alfred Schreuder – and now has big ambitions in the Kraichgau after recovering from his injury. "The fans will see that I'm a hard worker and give everything for the club's colours. I think it's very important and the duty of every single player to do that, because the club's colours also belong to the fans. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I'm convinced that I can contribute to this team being successful. If we all support each other, we're capable of achieving great things."

The Frenchman is thankful for the good footballing education he received at Paris Saint-Germain and wants to keep working hard to achieve his big goals: "I enjoyed an exceptional education at PSG. There are definitely not many clubs in Europe with such a high standard of youth development. I'm very thankful for this opportunity and for my promotion to the first team. Even though I didn't get much playing time and moved clubs, this time shaped me. My great potential was repeatedly emphasised to me by various coaches. It is my responsibility to make the most of this potential. I would like to play in the Champions League and win the title there too. Another big objective of mine is to play for France. But in order to achieve all that, I can't count on luck; I need to make it happen through hard work."

He has felt comfortable in Hoffenheim since his arrival and is happy to be at TSG: "The difference that I feel and appreciate the most is the intensity in training. It's a little bit more business-like, there's no time to moan for long when you're fouled. It continues immediately. The squad is really great; we get on super well and laugh a lot with each other – but as soon as we're on the pitch, the switch is flipped. There's no more laughing and this special intensity is there. I'd been hoping for this; this was one of the reasons for my transfer to TSG. The team, the everyday work, the coach – I really like all of it."

In addition to the feature-length interview with Stanley Nsoki, the new SPIELFELD profiles the two Philipp brothers. Luca, 21, is a goalkeeper for the TSG first team, and Tim, 16, keeps goal for the TSG U19s – two goalkeepers, one family, one club.

The November edition, which consists of more than 100 pages, also contains a host of other topics. For example, there's a "No comment" piece with André Breitenreiter, the coach lauded by Nsoki, and a very personal conversation with TSG player Erëleta Memeti, who talks about her homeland of Kosovo and being a role model for the modernisation of society there. As per usual, there are plenty of illuminating, interesting and exciting stories from the world of TSG.

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