My Tattoo: Georginio

Georginio has taken the Bundesliga by storm. The Frenchman made the most competitive appearances in the TSG squad last season and notched eight goals in his first full campaign. The 20-year-old has made an impression on pitch not only thanks to his dribbling and goals, but also his tattoos. In SPIELFELD, the forward presented his favourite tattoo and spoke about his close relationship with his family.

Georgi, what's your favourite tattoo?

"Honestly, I couldn't pick one out; I'd have to choose four different ones. They all carry great significance for me and my family. To single out one would be unfair because they all mean the same to me."

Which tattoo represents which family member?

"The names of my siblings are on the insides of my forearms. Warren, my brother's name, is tattooed on my right side and I'll forever carry the name of my sister Nesly on my left. I have my mother's birth year tattooed on my right elbow and my father's birth year tattooed across my left fist."

How did your family react when you had the tattoos done?

"My mother was mad, she's not a fan of tattoos. I even got into a bit of trouble (laughs). But my father and sister were delighted and even a little touched. My brother is still too young, though. He doesn't understand yet, but that will come with time."

Family is very important to you.

"My family means everything to me. No matter what, my family always comes first for me. They have my back in difficult times, and my parents and siblings have been my biggest supporters since the very beginning. I can always count on them. By getting the tattoos, I want to show them how much they mean to me."

When did you have the tattoos done?

"I had the names of my siblings tattooed in December 2020. I then added the birth years of my parents in the summer of 2021. So it's not all that long ago."

When's the next one planned for?

"I want to have my entire left arm tattooed. But my mother won't be all that happy about it (laughs). I don't yet have my mind set on the exact designs, but one or two tattoos will definitely be added in the summer."

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