"A bit of happiness for the festive season" - TSG pros and "TSG hilft e.V." give presents to children in hospital

Being together, embracing each other, and gifting love, peace, and comfort - things that should be natural at Christmas time. But these don't happen everywhere in our fast-moving times, which are all too often characterised by selfish ambitions. The ongoing corona issue has exacerbated this in many places through social distancing, as well as social tensions. Those who actually deserve much more attention and affection, and not only over Christmas, are all too often forgotten. That's why TSG Hoffenheim's Bundesliga pros have bought presents for sick children from the players' kitty. They were supported by the association "TSG hilft."

"Together, we thought of how we could bring joy to others at Christmas, and, of course, the children of the region are very close to our hearts. There are many that can't be with their families over Christmas because they're in hospital. If we can just give them a little moment of happiness, then we'll be delighted," said team captain Benni Hübner. Several hundred children have to spend the holidays in hospitals across the region, from Heilbronn to Sinsheim, Mosbach, and Heidelberg. With the support of the charity "TSG hilft" (TSG Helps), the Bundesliga team bought presents that will be handed out to local children's wards over the next few days. "Unfortunately, we can't give them directly to the kids because of the current hygiene rules, but we'll give the gifts to the hospital staff who'll then hand them out on the wards. We just hope to be able to bring a bit of happiness and joy to the children for the festive season," said Kristian Baumgärtner. The TSG chairman of the association "TSG hilft" will personally drive to the hospitals in a Hoffe Express car to deliver the presents.

"Christmas is time for the children. Our little ones should be experiencing happy moments right now. But anyone who was in hospital for a long time as a child, or is family to a sick child, knows how difficult that is. We work with kids every day in the academy, but we also have close contacts with the hospitals here, so it became clear quickly that we wanted to help the sick children there," said Holger Kliem, Head of TSG Media and Public Relations, who initiated the project with the Bundesliga team. "There was no doubt for the players. It was immediately clear that the players' kitty would be raided for a good cause. 'TSG hilft,' along with Kristian Baumgärtner, not only made an additional donation, but they also took over the organisation," added Kliem.

"TSG hilft e.V." was founded in April 2020 as a sign of solidarity and willingness to help people and clubs in the region get through the corona crisis more easily. Since then, around 250 clubs, from football clubs to music societies, have received financial support so that they can continue their voluntary work, especially for children.

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