Two young FIFA talents recruited for TSG eSPORTS

At the beginning of the second TSG Hoffenheim eSPORTS season, the club has taken steps to prepare for the future. Our FIFA team is set to be bolstered by the arrival of talented youngsters Noah Ottenthal and Fabrice Weiss, who will gradually be eased into the professional set-up. Although the duo are still relatively unknown, they've already racked up some impressive achievements in their young careers.

Lukas 'Lukas_1004' Seiler, Jan-Luca 'Bassinho' Baß, Marcel 'plaplup' Schwarz and Jonas 'bit0911' Bederke were hugely impressive in their debut eSPORTS season for TSG and will therefore represent the club in competitive FIFA 22 in the 2021/22 season. After the success of the first season, the team is now expanding: in addition to a contract extension with the aforementioned quartet, two new arrivals can also be announced - Noah Ottenthal and Fabrice Weiss are the future of eSPORTS at Hoffenheim. The two emerging talents will be carefully introduced to the professional FIFA stage. They are to quietly learn from 'Lukas_1004', 'Bassinho' & Co. before making the step up to the highest level themselves. 

That said, the 16-year-old Weiss might not have to wait too long: under the gamertag 'whiteezz05', he has confidently made it into the first online qualifier of the FIFA 22 Global Series (FGS). With 2,298 points from the first season of the Rivals division, he landed in 19th place globally; this corresponds to 13th place in the Europe East zone and sixth place among German players. Domestically, only top players like Niklas 'Guild NR7' Raseck or Dylan 'DullenMIKE' Neuhausen did better. In addition to qualifying for the first Online Qualifier, he also managed to enter the eChampions League and the Global Series Open, which both kick off in December.

''A big Hoffenheim fan my whole life''

Weiss started out on FIFA 14 and has been playing at a competitive level since FIFA 20, reaching the Top 200 seven times in past Weekend Leagues. Wins in ESL qualifying tournaments, the quarter-finals at the Blacki Cup - 'whiteezz05' has certainly made a name for himself. The 16-year-old wants to establish himself in eSPORTS at TSG and chose to join the club because of his regional ties. He currently lives in Limburgerhof, just over half an hour's drive from Sinsheim. He has already had plenty of experiences involving TSG, having watched various home games in the PreZero Arena - it's definitely a good match of player and club.

The combination of TSG and 18-year-old Ottenthal is also a perfect match: ''Moving to TSG wasn't a hard decision for me, as I've been a big Hoffenheim fan my whole life and I still live in Hoffenheim,'' said Ottenthal as he discussed his move. The talented youngster's first game was FIFA 13, and he also first made the step up to the professional level at FIFA 20. In FUT Champions, Ottenthal is regularly ranked 1, with a 16-1 win being his top result thus far in the FIFA 22 season. Through regular training and finally arriving at the elite level, he wants to "improve a lot and make a name for himself". Two promising youngsters for TSG - eSPORTS will be taken to the next level in Hoffenheim.

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