Raum: "There's a lot of disappointment"

Here's what the players and coaches had to say after the 4-0 loss at FC Bayern Munich.

Oliver Baumann: "In the second half there was a spell in which we might well have scored a goal. After FC Bayern had come through this period, we suddenly lost our way and conceded some very stupid goals. But we did come out and play much better after a poor first half. It wasn't enough today, though. Quite a lot of things need to come together if you want to win here, they're on a brutal run at the moment."

David Raum: "There's obviously a lot of disappointment. We came here today to compete and to frustrate Bayern. The game was obviously over after it went to 3-0, but before that it actually looked pretty good. A goal then would've brought us back into it. We created a few chances but unfortunately we were not able to take them. Today is a bitter day, but we'll analyse the match and then we want to get a victory in the cup in midweek."

Sebastian Rudy: "We wanted to come away with more, but FC Bayern are in really good form at the moment, you have to be honest about that. It was very difficult for us today. But they did let up a little in the second half and we had opportunities. It might have been slightly different if we had got a goal back, but we mustn't think about that now. They won clearly, it was deserved and we have to be honest and admit that. You have to have a good day to get something in Munich; unfortunately that didn't happen for us."

Chris Richards: "Bayern unfortunately performed very well today. You need to have a perfect day if you want to beat Bayern; unfortunately that didn't happen for us today. We need to get back to our performance levels from the Cologne match next week."

Sebastian Hoeness: "It was a deserved victory for Bayern. We're especially dissatisfied with the first half. We wanted to show more courage, but we couldn't get into the game. Bayern punished that quickly. We didn't get it right on our counter situations. We wanted to give it another go in the second half. And we were more courageous and had two or three very good chances, but unfortunately we could not manage to make it 2-1."

Dino Toppmöller (FC Bayern Munich assistant coach): "It was a deserved victory for us today. We played some very strong football, especially in the opening 30 minutes. After that, we took our foot off the gas a little and weren't so well organised. That's why Hoffenheim were able to create chances. Only towards the end were we better again."

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