Bluecode and TSG launch mobile App payment in the PreZero Arena

From now on, visitors to TSG Hoffenheim's PreZero Arena can make cashless payments via the TSG app and at the same time use digital value-added services such as vouchers, discounts and collective passes. Mobile payment is also possible at all other Bluecode acceptance points, such as the SAP Arena in Mannheim or the Bundesliga stadiums in Cologne and Augsburg.

TSG Hoffenheim fans can now enjoy a special service at the PreZero Arena. Thanks to the partnership with Bluecode, a pan-European provider of mobile payment solutions, spectators can now make cashless payments with the TSG app. Whether snacks or merchandising - TSG fans need neither cash nor credit card for the perfect stadium experience: simply have the blue barcode scanned in the TSG app and the bill is paid - the smartphone becomes a mobile wallet. In the future, ticketing will also be integrated into the omnichannel payment solution and it will be possible to pay online. The payment tool is already offered in the SAPA rena, the home ground of Adler Mannheim, as well as in the SAP checkout software (customer checkout solution) for stationary trade, in gastronomy and the Bundesliga stadiums in Augsburg and Cologne. Now visitors to the PreZero Arena on Dietmar-Hopp-Straße in Sinsheim will also benefit from the innovation. The Hopp Family Office became a lead investor in April this year to support the expansion of the European mobile payment alternative.

Keeping the value chain in the club's own app

"With the support of SAP and our acquiring partner First Cash Solution, we can now also impressively show TSG Hoffenheim how Bluecode can be used to keep the value chain around mobile payments in their own club app. In addition, we enable the digital implementation of fan campaigns with attractive added values that can be directly linked to the payment process and automatically redeemed via the club app," says Bluecode CEO Christian Pirkner. Denni Strich, managing director of TSG Hoffenheim, is also pleased with the start of the new payment partnership: "A secure European mobile payment solution combined with the possibility to strengthen fan relationships through campaigns when paying with the TSG app - these were our specifications, which Bluecode fully met. The more clubs enable Bluecode payment, the more convenient it will be for fans to simply pay cashless with their smartphone at both home and away matches. That's why we're delighted to be able to offer this innovative payment solution directly in our TSG app with immediate effect." Other Bundesliga clubs are close to partnering with Bluecode to offer fans the widest possible accessibility across the 18 stadiums in the Bundesliga.

How easy and secure Bluecode works via the TSG app

The Bluecode payment function is activated by the TSG app user and linked securely and anonymously to the current account of the user's bank within a few minutes. After positive confirmation in the TSG app, Bluecode can be used immediately to pay from the current account. A blue barcode - the Bluecode - is displayed in the TSG app for the payment process. This is scanned by the cashier at the checkout. With just one scan of the barcode, users can make cashless payments and automatically collect or redeem linked added values such as digital vouchers or discounts. The amount is then simply debited from the user's current account. Thanks to the completely contactless payment process, app users only come into contact with their own smartphone. There is no need to touch a payment terminal with PIN entry - an important hygiene factor in times of Covid-19. In addition, fans can also use the bluecode-enabled TSG app to pay at all other bluecode acceptance points, such as the home stadiums of 1. FC Cologne and FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga, Karlsruher SC in the Bundesliga 2 or FSV Frankfurt 1899 in the Regionalliga Südwest.

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