TSG makes its website climate-neutral

TSG Hoffenheim is one of the first Bundesliga clubs to make its website climate-neutral, as it has been since January 1. At the turn of the year, it was ensured that the CO2 emissions generated by the operation of the homepage ( are compensated for in a climate protection project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This means the TSG website can use the label "Climate-neutral website". This allows site visitors to view the data and understand the carbon balance at the click of a button. What's more, TSG has been given a certificate of commitment to organising the website in a climate-neutral manner.

In order to achieve this, the club is supporting a ClimatePartner project for alternative electricity generation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The aim is to counter the deforestation of trees and their transformation into charcoal in the habitat of the mountain gorillas there. TSG Hoffenheim, which was one of the first Bundesliga clubs to commit to being climate-neutral all its activities in the summer of 2019, is involved in two climate protection projects in Africa. A further element has now been added in the form of the website.

"‘TSG is movement‘ is a strategy that we live by. Since we are already compensating for all emissions that are generated in TSG's direct environment, we are pleased about this next step, which we will continue to implement in future," said Denni Strich, Managing Director of TSG Hoffenheim.

Info link: "Hydro-electric energy for the habitat of the mountain gorillas"

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