Denni Strich joins the board of management

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Football-Spielbetriebe GmbH is expanding its board of management. With effect from 1 July 2020, Denni Strich, 53, is moving on to the board, joining Frank Briel, 45, and Dr. Peter Görlich, 53. In February this year, Strich came to TSG Hoffenheim from the German Football Association, and has been working as director of sales & marketing ever since.

The effects of the Coronavirus-related restrictions and, last but not least, the third automatic qualification for a European competition in four years have proved that TSG Hoffenheim has already been managed very successfully in the past. However, the consequences of the pandemic have also given some indications as to where improvements can be made. "Recognising these opportunities and acting accordingly is the duty of management. I am very happy that this task has been so rigorously initiated and implemented through closely coordinated communication and a clear analysis," said TSG shareholder Dietmar Hopp.

"The Coronavirus crisis has revealed the instability of a system that had been considered robust until recently, and has shown us how important it is to keep challenging ourselves, strengthening our structures and establishing the organisation for maximum efficiency and effectiveness," said CEO Frank Briel. The board of TSG Hoffenheim's has used the past few months to assess specific topics with regard to expected and necessary developments in football and to define new working priorities in business operations in accordance with the club's philosophy,

Responsibilities have been redistributed to that effect. In order to strengthen internal and external communication and to further align marketing, sales and all club activities with the "TSG is movement" initiative, the departments Communications / Media and Sales & Marketing / Digital Performance will be merged from now on. Within the management team, the newly appointed board member, Denni Strich, is now responsible for this area. "I am delighted about the trust they have placed in me," says Strich, who is convinced that "especially in these challenging and extraordinary times, several partners can identify with a club like TSG Hoffenheim and the values and attitudes that it represents far beyond its home region. The enormous potential of TSG has been demonstrated not least by the qualification for the UEFA Europa League. We must continue to highlight this accordingly and use it in a concentrated manner," adds Strich.

Frank Briel will continue to be responsible for the club's finances, organisation, staff and IT. Together with Dr. Peter Görlich, who will continue to primarily manage the areas of internationalisation and innovation, he will be responsible for the sporting side of the club's management. Denni Strich will devote himself to the increasingly important area of women's football.

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