Bičakčić: "We're not satisfied"

Here's what the players and coaches had to say after the 1-1 draw at SC Paderborn.

Sebastian Rudy: "The two teams really went for it once again towards the end. I'm frustrated with the final result. We had a lot of goalscoring chances and controlled the match very well. Our chance conversion is not good enough at present. We were too sloppy, especially towards the end of the first half."

Ermin Bičakčić: "It's obviously a shame that we only came away with a point, especially given we'd invested so much. We simply have to keep progressing with our development. We have to convert our goalscoring chances. We need to demand more of ourselves  as does each individual of himself. My mistake before they levelled the score at 1-1 was obviously totally frustrating. I controlled the ball but then it unfortunately got stuck in the turf. That's why I didn't make proper contact with the ball. And then of course Srbeny had to go and hammer it home like that. But we had enough chances to win the game. We're aware of our quality, but it's a case of really showing it on the pitch. We've shown team spirit often enough, but you really have to be honest after such games and admit that the result does not live up to our expectations. We're obviously not satisfied."

Robert Skov: "We need to improve in the penalty area. We're not clinical; we have a lot of chances but we don't take them. I could've also scored two or three goals today. That needs to be better; we need to work on that."

Oliver Baumann: "We're putting in a lot of effort and investing lots of energy on the pitch, but we're not getting our rewards and hence it finishes a draw. Obviously, mistakes can happen in a game like this. But what we're lacking is killer instinct in front of goal."

Alfred Schreuder: "We created a great deal of chances, especially towards the beginning, and were immediately rewarded with the opener. We wobbled briefly after it became 1-1, but then we responded well again. We were well in the game. We were the better team in the first period. You could see in the second half that Paderborn are a good team and that they play very courageously. I'm very satisfied with the lads' development; we're creating a lot of great opportunities, we need to build on that."

Steffen Baumgart (SC Paderborn coach): "The way that the lads fought back after going 1-0 down early on was really good. We could've been leading at the break. The draw is not an unfair result based on the 90 minutes, but we'd have liked to have two more points."

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