Baumgartner: "An extremely important win"

Here's what the players and coaches had to say after the 3-1 victory over 1. FC Cologne.

Christoph Baumgartner: "It's all okay when you score two goals and set up another (laughs). In seriousness, what counts much more than my performance is the fact that we got the three points. Now we need to keep going and focus on what lies ahead. It was an extremely important victory. You could see towards the end that we were a little bit jittery. Hence why it was all the more important for Oliver Baumann to save that penalty. Now we have three much-anticipated points and we will go again on Saturday."

Oliver Baumann: "The penalty obviously came at a dangerous moment. Cologne were applying a huge amount of pressure at that point. But because of the video check, I had a lot of time to think about it. Then in the run-up, Mark started at quite an angle. I thought he was trying to fool me. I know Mark of course, but it's always a 50/50 when it comes to penalties. I'm just happy that I saved it. It was important that we finally returned to winning ways. We put in an enormous amount of effort against Paderborn but did not get our reward. The victory today relieved some of the pressure that we'd been carrying around on our shoulders. There have been far too many goals conceded and games lost at home; that has obviously totally annoyed us.

Alfred Schreuder: "Christoph Baumgartner had a very good game today. He's been very good in the past two matches as well, but missed his chances. But that's completely normal for young players, I've told him that too. He simply needs to feel the trust of the coach, and he has that. We made an extremely good start to the second period, scored two goals and should actually have stayed composed with a 3-0 lead. But some doubts started to creep in following the dismissal of Benjamin Hübner. That's normal in football when you haven't won for a long time. It was very important for us that Oliver Baumann saved the penalty and stopped Cologne from getting second wind. You can't always play well for 90 minutes, but I'm very satisfied with the result."

Markus Gisdol (1. FC Cologne coach): "That match was another complete rollercoaster for us. We didn't make a good start to the game, fell behind and were given a red card. Then things got better and we almost scored the equaliser before the break. After the interval we immediately conceded two goals. And yet we still bounced back. We're currently conceding goals too easily. We need to work on that."

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