New goal: make it four wins from four games

Marcel Schwarz and Munas Dabbur have been a dominant duo for Hoffenheim on the console – their record of three wins in as many fixtures says it all. In an interview with, Schwarz and Dabbur spoke about their previous fixtures, the upcoming clash with the Referees' Team on Saturday (19:40 CET, live-stream at and the strengths of their respective team-mate.

Marcel and Munas, you've won each of your previous three fixtures in the Bundesliga Home Challenge. How do you assess your performances?

Marcel Schwarz: "I struggled slightly against a very strong opponent in my first match. It obviously went superbly for me in my second game. I'd expected a different tactical set-up from Noah of FC St. Pauli in the third match, but managed to react in the second half and turn the game around."

Munas Dabbur: "Fifabio97 in the first game was a really strong opponent too. I've been lucky in that I've had the easier opponents in the Home Challenge. I know I have a good chance of winning when I'm not up against an eSports professional and I also expect to win my matches. Three wins are obviously super, but I can play even better."

On Saturday you go up against the DFB Referees' Team. Is that a special fixture for you given that your previous opponents have all been from the first and second tiers?

Schwarz: "I'm excited to see what they can do on the console. Deniz Aytekin beat Jonas Hofmann two weeks ago so he's not going to be bad. I think that they are performing pretty well when you consider that they went into the tournament as absolute outsiders."

Dabbur: "I have also heard they've already won a match. In any case, we mustn't underestimate them and need to be well-prepared. But obviously we want to get the next victory and win by as high a margin as possible."

Your matches take place at closely staggered times. Do you watch your partner's games?

Schwarz: "Absolutely. As soon as my stream has ended, I immediately turn my laptop on to watch Munas in action."

Dabbur: "Same story for me. I always turn my tablet on before my match to watch your games and I have my fingers crossed for you. You're doing really well and always leave me in a good position."

And what makes Munas so good on the console, Marcel?

Schwarz: "The composure in his game. He seems incredibly focused and plays with dominance. He completely imposes his style of play. I think that's very impressive. When you see that he's already beaten a few eSports professionals, then you can gauge his quality. He's one of the strongest players in the Home Challenge, if not the strongest. He's performed outstanding so far."

Have you already played each other?

Dabbur: "We haven't got round to it yet, but we can make up for that."

Schwarz: "Absolutely!"

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