Lesser: "I've always been focused on football"

Gordon Lesser, 21, is the voice of eSports at TSG Hoffenheim, commentating on all of TSG's various console events. In an interview with, the Heidelberg native spoke about his connection with TSG, his own abilities with a controller and Hoffenheim's success in the Bundesliga Home Challenge.

Gordon, you're the eSports commentator at TSG Hoffenheim. How did you get into eSports?

"I've always been focused on football. I used to play for a club myself, but nowadays I only play for my university team as a hobby. FIFA has been an almost constant presence in my life. Then, in 2011, I uploaded a match that I had commentated on to YouTube for the first time. The emotions of commentating have always gripped and fascinated me. I've always wanted to be a commentator and last year I took my chance at a casting for an eSports broadcaster."

Your abilities on a microphone are well-known to us. But what about when you pick up the controller yourself?

"[I'm] solid. I'm not the best player, but I can compete at a fairly decent level. But when the best players are in action, I prefer to be talking into the microphone than holding the controller."

What particularly fascinates you about eSports?

"The nerves of steel. There are so many players with nerves of steel who are behind in the 90th minute and still turn the game around. This composure and patience that some people show in the most difficult moments is crazy. You can't even see the lads breaking a sweat."

TSG won all four matches in the Bundesliga Home Challenge. What were your thoughts on that success?

"Marcel was the big surprise for me. I didn't think that he could be quite that good. He demonstrated that he can compete at the very highest level. As for Munas, I knew that he would dominate. He has incredible skills."

Looking back, what was your take on the Home Challenge?

"It was a big step towards establishing the eSports industry. We need to see how it develops in the future. The entire Home Challenge was a very cool project. I was astonished at how many clubs who usually don't have their own eSports team were taking part."

You have had a special and long connection to Hoffenheim and you even used to work for TSG...

"I was born in Heidelberg and grew up in Sinsheim-Steinsfurt. You then naturally develop an affinity for your hometown club. Even back in the Regionalliga days, I used to watch matches. My first stadium experience was TSG's 2-1 victory over FK Pirmasens in May 2007. In addition, I worked for the TSG Academy up until the end of last year. That makes me even more grateful that the club places so much trust in me and gives me opportunities to help shape and be involved in the eSports project.

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