DFL opts for further postponement of the Bundesliga

The whole of society – and therefore the football world too – is experiencing an unprecedented challenge. Measures to contain the coronavirus have become the top priority in every area of life. It goes without saying that this applies to the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga 2 too.

Given the rampant pace at which events have been unfolding, the German Football League (DFL) held an extraordinary members' meeting to address the consequences for the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga 2. The meeting centred on the options available to complete sporting competition and the economic foundations of professional football as an employer for around 56,000 staff directly or indirectly employed by the clubs and their subsidiaries.

TSG managing director Dr. Peter Görlich was satisfied with the DFL's decision, saying: "We welcome the unanimous decision at the DFL's extraordinary members' meeting. In this period of extreme uncertainty and many unanswered questions, we will all need to make joint and coordinated decisions in a spirit of solidarity, and come up with solutions, over the coming weeks and months. We really hope that the situation eases sooon. For the time being, however, we need to do everything we can to slow down the spread of the virus as effectively as possible. Against this backdrop, we wish to exercise every care for our employees as well as our partners."

Specifically, the extraordinary meeting agreed on the following points:

  • Sporting competition shall continue to be suspended for the time being. That initially impacts Matchday 27 in both divisions. A decision as to how to proceed with the remainder of the fixture list will then be taken in the last week of March. Another extraordinary meeting has been scheduled to this end, which will provide an opportunity to reassess the general development of the situation and UEFA's decision regarding a possible postponement of the European Championship. The DFL is currently not operating under the assumption that match operations will be resumed on the first weekend of April.
  • At the same time, the clubs and the DFL are stepping up the already close coordination with the health authorities in the various locations of the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga 2, as well as with the Federal Ministry of Health, in order to have the best-possible assessment of the situation at any time with a view to taking alternative courses of action. It goes without saying that governmental orders are to be followed.
  • The clubs have agreed to inform the DFL immediately and transparently with regards to their current economic situation and to use a worst-case scenario as the basis for their calculations. The objective is to develop scenarios and concrete options for action by the time of the upcoming extraordinary members' meeting. Furthermore, a review is taking place about making adaptations to the licensing procedure.
  • In order to remain capable of taking action in spite of the travel restrictions within Germany, changes to the statutes have been agreed. This ensures that clear responsibilities and decision-making routes (including the possibility of online extraordinary meetings) are guaranteed.
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