No comment with Stafylidis

Konstantinos „Kóstas“ Stafylidis is the first-ever Greek player to represent TSG. The Greece international, who celebrated his 26th birthday on 2 December, is well-known for his passion and commitment. In an interview with the official club magazine SPIELFELD, the defender introduces himself to the club's fans, shares his fears and joys and gives a demonstration of his wonderful sense of humour - all without saying a single word!


Otto ''König'' Rehhagel led Greece to an unforgettable triumph at Euro 2004. How is he viewed in your homeland?


You're a big film fan - if you could play any role on screen, what would it be? 


You've already had spells at Leverkusen and Augsburg. Be honest: how good is your German? 


You like to go bowling in your free time. Do you have any secret tactics to share? 


You're known as something of a stylish dresser - you even have your own fashion label. What is your favourite accessory?  


You have some fairly eye-catching tattoos. What do your parents think of the artwork on your body?


You seemingly play with no fear on the pitch. Is there anything that scares you?


Ermin Bičakčić has a reputation as the resident hard man at TSG. Answer this one truthfully - who is tougher: you or him? 


You love getting stuck into the challenges. What's the best technique for a sliding tackle? 


Greece international, TSG first-team regular - it's been a successful career for you so far. What would you say your biggest strength is? 

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