A welcome change as TSG play padel

Instead of training on the football pitch as usual, the team tested out another sport while in Marbella, Spain: padel.

On Sunday afternoon, TSG Hoffenheim switched up the sport for a couple of hours: instead of football, Alfred Schreuder's team played padel, a mixture of tennis and squash. The leather ball was exchanged for a smaller one and a racquet.

The players obviously had fun during the team event and enjoyed the change: "It's not just about football, but also coming together. Of course, a training camp is always good for the team spirit. I feel like we are a little family," said Håvard Nordtveit.

Robert Skov also enjoyed it: "It was a cool change and a lot of fun. I know padel from Denmark. It’s a very popular sport there." The double of Skov/Nordtveit was defeated in the final of the team tournament by Luke Rupp and Sebastian Rudy.

Padel is played in doubles on a 20 x 10 metre court. The court is surrounded by walls, which can be used to play the ball off as in squash. The court is divided into two halves by a net in the middle. In Spain, padel is one of the most popular sports. In Germany, on the other hand, the sport is still relatively unknown.

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