No comment with Philipp Pentke

Goalkeeper Philipp Pentke moved to TSG Hoffenheim, where he is the No. 2 behind regular shot-stopper Oliver Baumann, in the summer. The 34-year-old has a wealth of experience under his belt, having made over 200 appearances in the second and third tiers.


Philipp, what do you look like when you want to intimidate a striker?


You're no doubt friendlier towards your team-mates. How do you direct your free-kick wall?


You were playing in the third division three years ago. Did you ever think you would be a Bundesliga player?


You're the No. 2 at TSG behind Oli Baumann. What's the experience like of watching a match from the bench?


What do your hands look like after 15 years as a professional goalkeeper?


You possess your own shirt collection. What's your favourite piece of clothing?


You have a pet Chihuahua called Chico. What does it look like when you take him for a walk?


Do you have any other secret hobbies outside of football?


And what does the food you make for yourself taste like?

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