TSG to benefit from KINEXON's cutting-edge performance analysis

Bundesliga club TSG Hoffenheim are set to benefit from cutting-edge technology in real-time performance analysis from KINEXON. The Munich-based company collects and analyses real-time position and movement data of players and the ball. Small sensors in the players' jerseys (also in the match ball, if so desired) send valuable data regarding what's going on out on the pitch, such as, for example, the level of physical exertion experienced by individual players as well as the tactical set-up of the team in relation to their opponents and developments in the match.

KINEXON technology, which will be installed in both the PreZero Arena as well as the TSG training complex, will be used by the club for ongoing performance analysis from this season onwards. For training camps and away matches, TSG will use the new mobile AI-based KINEXON system in order to ensure that one-hundred percent of the club's performance data is recorded and analysed. This live data means that the players' performance out on the pitch can be monitored more precisely and directly than ever before. The KINEXON system offers the highest level of data accuracy on the market and is able to quickly record and analyse large quantities of data related to football. With KINEXON technology, the performance of both individual players and the team as a whole can be objectively recorded and analysed. This can help avoid injuries by recognising players under either too much or too little physical strain as well as increase individual performance in a targeted manner.

Dr. Sascha Härtel, Head of Performance Diagnostics and Science Coordinator at TSG, had the following to say: "For many years now, TSG has played a pioneering role in the analysis and development of its players through sports science, often using innovative new methods and technologies. After carrying out an extensive, international market analysis of the leading technology providers in the field, we came to the firm decision that KINEXON were the organisation we wanted to collaborate with. We believe that theirs is one of the most advanced and forward-thinking tracking and analysis solutions. Together with KINEXON, we want to be able to conduct real-time analysis and visualisation more precisely than ever before while also working towards perfecting individual performance optimisation."

Maximilian Schmidt, co-founder and Managing Director of KINEXON Sports & Media, also shared his thoughts: "The scientific analysis of sporting performance data is becoming more and more significant in the Bundesliga. KINEXON can support clubs by providing our pioneering expertise in the field of performance analysis. We have been exchanging ideas with TSG managing directors Dr. Peter Görlich and Dr. Sascha Härtel for many years now and have always been left impressed by their enthusiasm for technology. That is why we are particularly looking forward to our collaboration with TSG Hoffenheim over the years to come. We are convinced that we will not only be able to contribute to a comprehensive, modern performance analysis, but that we will also continue to promote the development and implementation of new methods in the field of sports science.''



KINEXON Sports & Media develop innovative solutions for automated, real-time sports content. They develop completely new ways of improving sporting performance as well as media experiences and entertainment platforms.

The KINEXON portfolio includes a unique sensor-based technology which provides extremely precise localisation and motion measurement of professional athletes in various indoor and outdoor sports. KINEXON also produce software solutions for intelligent data processing and the presentation of findings from diverse analyses. The company was founded in 2012 by scientists from the Technical University of Munich. KINEXON is headquartered in Munich and also has offices in New York City and Chicago.

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