Baumann: ''The new arrivals have made a brilliant impression''

Oliver Baumann is now entering his sixth season as TSG Hoffenheim's goalkeeper. At the club's training camp in Windischgarsten, the 29-year-old shared his thoughts on the new head coach Alfred Schreuder, the new arrivals and the progress made at training camp in Austria.

Oli, the first few days at training camp are over. What are your first impressions?

"As before, the training conditions are superb. This isn't our first time here. I would even say that the gym is a bit better than it was last year. We are really pleased."

You already know Alfred Schreuder from his time as an assistant coach at TSG. What do you make of him as a head coach?

"I've been really impressed by the way he goes about things. He is close to everyone in the squad and he puts a lot of focus on treating us with honesty. If we've played a bad pass he'll be the first to let us know. But the same is also true if we do something well. I find this mixed approach very good. We want to achieve the absolute maximum out on the pitch. That's the only way we can make progress. The work we're doing at the moment will help us."

What are your thoughts on the new arrivals?

''I've been really impressed by all of them. Both on the sporting side of things as well as in terms of their personalities. Looking back now, no-one would necessarily have thought that Kerem Demirbay or Nico Schulz would take off in the way they did for us. I have a lot of confidence that the new arrivals can develop in the same way. They're obviously different players, but they've all made a brilliant impression.''

The arrival of Philipp Pentke means that you now have a new back-up goalkeeper behind you in the pecking order. Do you feel a certain pressure?

''He's a very good goalkeeper and has fitted in really well with the squad. He's a great guy and the two of us share a good relationship. I already put enough pressure on myself as it is. I'm a perfectionist and I always want to be optimal in my preparations. Alex and Philipp will certainly stake their claims and I think that's something that will push all of us. But there's always a good sense of harmony between us, which is how it should be.''

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