Nordtveit: "We will never give up"

Here's what the players and coach had to say after the 3-2 defeat against Shakhtar Donetsk.

Oliver Baumann: "It's extremely sad. We started well and fought back incredibly well after conceding two goals, so hats off. We were also better in their power play, we pressed them and should've made it 3-2. To concede the third goal after that was bitter. We definitely had enough time and sufficient chances to score a third for ourselves. We really wanted to win. I'm proud of the fact my team was able to make a comeback like that whilst ten men down. For the stars to align for us to go further will be a challenge."

Kevin Vogt: "Donetsk weren't really in the game and were suddenly 2-0 up. That was hard, but we showed resolve. After seeing how we managed to create pressure despite being a man down, we should've used our chances and clinched the win. The fact that didn't happen and that we ended up losing, is very disappointing. We threw every man forward and wanted the winner. Unfortunately, we didn't manage it and the ball just didn't want to go over the line.

Havard Nordtveit: "I'm very disappointed. Even when we were a man down, we had a grip on the game and produced chances. Third place is still a possibility and we will never give up. We have nothing to lose in Manchester. We know that they are one of the best teams in the world, but they drew 2-2 today, so it's not impossible to win there."

Vincenzo Grifo: "The fact the game was open with a lot of chances towards the end is clear. But I think that we wanted to win it in the final phase. It was about getting further in the Champions League. So, the result is disappointing, but we have to be ready to go again on Saturday."

Nico Schulz: "I didn't strike the ball properly for my chance. That is a shame. I'm angry and annoyed at myself. We tried so hard for nothing, but that's how it is. Once again, we spent a lot of time playing with a man down and created clear chances despite that. Then we wanted to make it 3-2 to avoid ending up with the draw. That's how we always play and we won't change that, even if we get punished for it like we did today."

Julian Nagelsmann: "We didn't score enough goals today. I don't believe it's possible to play better with ten men that we did. Before the two occasions where Donetsk hit the post, we should've been 4-2 up from the chances by Schulz and Nelson. I think that there has never been a German team to score ten goals in their Champions League debut season, but we still didn't manage to win a game. The game was intense during the power play. We played to win because we wanted to win. I always want to win and I want to win everything. I want to win against Manchester City too."

Paulo Fonseca (Shakhtar Donetsk coach): "Everyone wants to see a game like that. We were rewarded in the end and very we are happy with our victory. We prepared for both of TSG's tactics but we mainly focused on TSG's attack because that is where the danger lies. We chose to play with a back three. I thought that we'd have more possession of the ball. I would like to dedicate this win to all Shakhtar fans."


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