Meryem Cal & Jenny Klein: "moving in was easy"

Meryem Cal and Jennifer Klein moved to Kraichgau just a few weeks ago. The two newcomers to the U20 squad want to reach their main objective with TSG: the Bundesliga. In an interview with achtzehn99.de Cal, whose last club was VfL Sindelfingen and Klein, the Austrian, explain what their start at TSG was like and what their expectations are for the season in the Single Division 2. Bundesliga.

Hello you two! For a good few weeks, you've been preparing yourselves with the U20 squad for the Single Division 2. Bundesliga. How well are you adapting to the environment?

Meryem Cal: "I only knew a few of my teammates, but since we got a good reception and the mood was right, it was easy to get started. It feels like we've been playing together for a long time. But that is probably to do with the fact that we are all at a similar age. The training facilities were new to me, such as the footbonaut or individual athletic training. The workload is specifically adapted to each individual player which is certainly very professional."

Jenny Klein: "I already enjoyed experiencing good infrastructure in the centre in St. Pölten. That's where I experienced coordination between the club and the school for example. I quickly found my way around here, three of us came from Austria, so we didn't feel like the new people from the start. The biggest difference from Austria is the level of the league, I'm very excited about that."

The training session at the weekend will be the start of the final stretch before the league begins on 19 August. What do you still want to work?

Klein: "So far, we have mainly worked on the athletic side of things and have grown together as a team. The training camp is another great way to continue to strengthen the team spirit."

Cal: "On top of finishing the final touches in terms of stamina and endurance, we will also take time to work on tactical elements until the league starts and work on things like set pieces."

The single division 2. Bundesliga is uncovered ground for most people. What expectations do you have?

Cal: "I'm familiar with the Bundesliga South from the past two years at VfL Sindelfingen, so I've already played against a few teams. I am very happy to show what we can do in this new season. We already worked well during preparation, so I am convinced that we can be playing at the top of the single division 2. Bundesliga."

Klein: "I don't really have any expectations because I'm not able to imagine anything just yet. But each game will probably demand everything from us. I really rate the U20 teams from Wolfsburg and Potsdam, for example."

Competitive sport takes up a lot of time. Nevertheless, a lot of value is placed on having a backup career at TSG. How do you see your academic and professional careers panning out?

Klein: "I've put off my secondary education qualifications in Austria, due to the fact that I still don't know what direction I want to go in, I'm going to complete my federal volunteering duty with "Anpfiff in Leben" (Kick Into Life)."

Cal: For me, I still have to complete my final year at business secondary school. I'm moving to the Max-Weber School in Sinsheim and I already checked it out in the weeks just before the summer holidays, so I was able to see what lies ahead of me, in terms of schooling and now I can get up to date with the content, with the help of the support team in the support centre. The level of assistance is great, it will certainly help me to finish off my education well."

To conclude, one more look into the future, where do you see yourselves in one year?

Cal: "I'd like to get good grades and continue to develop on a sporting and personal level. Obviously, it is my aim to reach the Bundesliga, I'm sure every U20 player says that. We're all working towards that. But first, you must prove yourself and bring your performance to the second division."

Klein: "Yeah exactly, you obviously want to reach the Bundesliga as quickly as possible, but I don't want to set deadlines. I want to continue to develop until it is clear to me which professional path I wish to take. Then I'll continue my studies."

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